Thursday, April 30, 2009

Windows 7 RC is on MSDN now

If you have access to MSDN, go grab it!  Remember that your February Beta keys will still work.  If you need to regenerate them then these instructions will help:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 revealed at MMS09

The MMS09 State of the Union session revealed what the next version of SCCM will look like.  The MMC is gone in favor of the Outlook-esqe toolbar (wonder-bar) as seen in SCOM 2007.  It also requires Server 2008 64-bit as well as SQL 2008 64-bit.  The other big piece of news is the elimination of ASP web reports in favor of SQL Server reporting services only.  See all the screen shots and read more about it on Kenneth van Surksum's blog:

Vista SP2 and Server 08 SP2 RTM'd

SP2 for vista and server 08 have gone RTM.  Additionally the block offering SP1 is being removed (your GPO to block SP1 will no longer work).

All the SP2 goodness can be found here:

Office 2007 SP2 is out

Just released:

time to download, test and deploy!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

windows 7 will have near complete xp compatibility

A new feature being announced is XP mode for Windows 7.  XP mode is essentially an application running in a Virtual PC virtual environment.  Installing the application in the virtual pc environment will result in it being published to windows 7 as an application.  The requirements for this technology includes processor virtualization support (Intel VT or AMD-V).  It will be a separate out of band update released in final form to coincide with the release of windows 7 (so it's not actually built in).  Paul Thurrott has a nice set of screen shots on the whole thing here: