Monday, January 12, 2009

Chrome on Windows 7 64-Bit Beta (7000)

This weekend I installed the current windows 7 64-bit beta (build 7000).  All my favorite apps installed just fine including the SCCM console.  I even managed to find a beta build of the rsat tools:  The only thing that I spent a significant amount of work getting to run was google chrome.  I'm still in love with it, and just started using the 2.0 dev beta.  So of course I want to run it on top of my windows 7 beta.  Well now you can.  In the target part of your shortcut to chrome.exe add -in-process-plugins.  It runs just fine now.  Credit to: BlogsDNA

Oh by the way, windows 7 boots faster on the same machine I was previously running vista 64!

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