Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sccm 2012 install error

Following the windows-noob setup guide at:

And came across this unusual error during setup:

Fail to create SQL Server Certificate, ConfigMGR installation cannot be completed.

Looking at the setup logs I see this only slightly more descriptive error:

Failed to get SID for user (NT Service\MSSQLSERVER)
ERROR: Failed to get the buffer size for LookupAccountName. Error = 1722

After much googling found this link from Yuri that suggests temporarily changing SQL to run under local system instead of the NT Service\MSSQLSERVER account. Worked great!


Chandler Hall said...

Thank You! This worked great for SCCM2012 on Server 8 Beta.

Anonymous said...

Thank You! This worked great even for SCCM 2012 (final) with SQL 2012 on Win2k8R2!

Ana said...


Anonymous said...

Sweet Stuff, Thanks! Finally.
Installing SCCM 2012 on 2008R2 with SQL 2012 is painful!

Bill Phillips said...

You can install it on SQL 2012 but you probably won't get reports to run. At least I couldn't.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, finally got it installed, but how do you change the service account to NT Service\MSSQLSERVER? It's not available to be picked or searched for. I typed it in manually, but it won't start the server.