Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ITMU update goes smoothly

The last week has been pretty uneventful. Yesterday, I installed the ITMU update on my test server. It updates the packages, collections, and advertisements as expected. It also adds in the 64 bit ones as well which will be nice if we ever let our users run the 64bit OS I suppose. The only disappointing part is that nothing in the install is configurable. We don’t use the default collections or advertisements, so we’ll have to update these on our own I suppose. Not a big deal. So I send out the change control and let everyone know that the clients will receive an updated Windows Update Agent (WUA).

Today we went ahead with the ITMU update on the production environment. Once again it was uneventful. The only minor detail was that we changed advertisement related to the scan package (Microsoft Update Tools) to use a test collection. One can never be too careful! Note, this package has the dependency to run the WUA package first. The WUA package should only run on computers it has not already run on, so in theory it will only run one time. Hope we don’t have too many failures. In any case it was no big deal. We updated the ITMU, and then updated the distribution points. We did note was that the old admin was not using every site server as a DP for this package. Since we didn’t see a reason not to have the package on every DP we fixed that issue. One final note is that I couldn’t find evidence of the package running on my test system. But mine already had the updated WUA so maybe it did. I have the other admin check his test box tomorrow and then we’ll change the advertisement back to use our normal collection.