Friday, September 19, 2008

Clients Do Not Run Mandatory Advertisements and They Return Status Message 10052

Yesterday I created a program for a package and advertised it to some test machines.  The package was pretty small so I decided to use the download and run option instead of my normal run from Distribution Point.  Everything else I did the same way I normally do.  To my surprise the program refused to run on the clients.  Checking the Advertisment Status logs I found the error being returned by the clients:  10052 The program for the advertisement "advertisementID" ("packageID" - "program_name") could not be run because the policy contains an invalid combination of requirements: site_code. Possible causes: The program is set to run when no user is logged on, but is being advertised to a user. The program is set to require user input, but does not require that a user be logged on in order to run. Solution: Examine the properties of the program to resolve the conflicting requirements.  I found out that setting the client to download and run, and requires a mapped drive letter will trigger this error message.  No need to map a drive letter if the content is already on the machine!  Anyway here is Microsofts KB on the same issue (written for SMS 2003):

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