Monday, September 1, 2008

Time to start over

This past week I found out that one of our management servers had sccm installed on the c:\ drive. You'd think there would be a setting to change the storage location so that the program could still run from c:\. Apparently there is no such option. Only option is a site uninstall and reinstall. Of course if you uninstall, you can't reuse the same site code. Doing so would have dire consequenses including corrupting the site database. Digging around I found a nice article by Anthony Clendenen on removing a secondary site in SMS 2003. The steps outlined by Anthony allow reusing the existing site code. I'd previously used this article to remove and reinstall a Primary 2003 site. After looking at some of the registry keys and file folders on my SCCM site install, I decided to try the same steps on my SCCM primary site. Guess what? It works! Here's the article:

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