Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Deployment of Group Policy Preferences Client Side Extensions

Yesterday my Group Policy Admin asked about deploying the Client Side Extensions (CSE's) for Group Policy Preferences (GPP) to all the machines in our network.  So I started looking into it and must say I'm very dissappointed with Microsofts support for the deployment of CSE's.  Sure CSE's are available in WSUS and therefore available in SCCM.  However, they haven't released CSE's for XP SP3 yet.  Additionally, the CSE's have a prerequisite of XMLLite.  Unbelievably, XMLLite is not available via WSUS.  The work around is to deploy IE7 which includes XMLLite.  All of this is a little confusing so I made a chart:

Basically I'll create 2 seperate collections for XMLLite to deploy it to the machines that require it.  Then I'll use Software Updates to deploy the CSE's.  XP SP3 will just have to wait until Microsoft gets it done.  Hopefully they're working on CSE deployment with XMLlite bundled in.